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Imagine when your new painting arrives at your door, it already comes with the most beautiful frame. We have hundreds of frame styles to choose from to complement your artwork.

These are only a few samples.  We have hundreds of frame styles available! 

(Select from what we have featured on our site, or email for additional styles.)

The following are some of most frequently asked questions regarding framing:

  • How much are your frames?
    Each frame is priced differently and the framing price includes hand-stretching, frame and fit. When you place your order through the shopping cart, you will see the framing options and prices. For custom orders, when your painting is ready, we will email visuals for frames which will look great with your painting. Please remember that we are having a promotion for FREE stretching with ALL framed paintings and FREE shipping for framed paintings being shipped within the Continental US.
  • What types of quality are your frames and your framing?
    BestPriceArt.com's framing is amazing quality… Superior materials! Skilled craftsmanship! Proven durability! Attention to detail! Consistently excellent!
  • Is someone available to assist me with making my framing selection?
    Yes, at BestPriceArt.com, our Design Team is always happy to help. We are friendly and knowledgeable and will help guide you through the framing selection if you need assistance.
  • What if I did not see the exact frame style I was looking for?
    At BestPriceArt.com our framing selection is an unparalleled, comprehensive collection of frames, including items you can't find anywhere else. From ornate to minimalist, from modern to traditional, we have the right frame for your painting. We are happy to help and we will email visuals to you of other frame styles.
  • How long will it take to frame my painting?
    Nobody does it faster or better than BestPriceArt.com! Once your painting is dried, our target is to frame and ship your framed package within 24 hours.
  • What's your customer satisfaction policy regarding your framing?
    If there's a problem with your framing, we'll do all we can to make it right.
  • What size frames do you sell?
    Our frames are custom made upon request and we can make any size frame that you are interested in ordering. We offer frames which can be shipped by UPS or Fedex Ground Service within the Continental US, up to and including 30" x 40" frames. We are having a promotion for FREE stretching with ALL framed paintings and FREE shipping for framed paintings being shipped within the Continental US. If you are in Florida and can pick-up your frame at our framing warehouse, we can custom make larger sized frames for you.
  • How can I confirm the color and details of a frame that I am interested in?
    We have made every effort to present the frames as accurately as possible, with high quality photographs and color matching. Please click the link near the frame visual so you can see a close-up of the color and the details of the frame. The color of the product you receive should closely match what you see on your screen. Some frames are hand-finished and natural wood, so slight variations may occur.