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BestPriceArt.com - Our ArtistsAll paintings from BestPriceArt.com are custom painted in our Artist's Studios and not mass-produced in warehouse facilities.  We have carefully selected more than 125 extremely talented artists who have been painting for us for many years. Each artist specializes in different reproduction techniques and can produce an amazing copy of any oil painting that you choose.

BestPriceArt.com artists have received extensive training from famous art schools around the world and many of the artists have traveled the globe to study and master the techniques of the Old World originals.

BestPriceArt.com artists take their work very seriously and will make sure your painting is as similar to the original as possible.  Upon completion of your oil painting, our Quality Control Team which is managed by one of the Founders of our Company, will review your painting.  After your painting has passed the Quality Control review, your painting will go through the drying process and then will be shipped directly to you.

Old Master's techniques, the type of brushes the artists use and their unique use of blending colors are the reasons why BestPriceArt.com paintings are not just ordinary copies, but real pieces of art with the same impact and beauty of the Old Master's masterpieces.

All of our artists take pride in their work and always want to make sure that you will be 100% satisfied with your painting.  Our mission is to provide genuine oil paintings that are created by the world's best and most talented artists at affordable prices.  That's why we have happy and loyal customers who have been purchasing art from us for many years.

BestPriceArt.com - Our Artists