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Our Paintings

All of our oil paintings are hand-painted on a blank canvas – the same way in which the Old Masters used to paint.  Bestpriceart.com's oil paintings are Museum and Portrait quality hand-painted, and are not photographs, not giclees and not posters that have been transferred to canvas and not prints that have been glazed.


You and your family and friends will be amazed at how closely our paintings resemble those you’ve seen in fine museums and art galleries around the globe.  Rest assured, your painting is not sitting in a warehouse right now, waiting to be shipped.  When you order from BestPriceArt.com, one of our experienced artists will begin the process of creating a work of art - just for you.

Our Step-By-Step Painting Process

  • Step 1: Sketch On Canvas
    All of our art recreations, like most of the famous Old Master's oil paintings begin with a simple sketch on a blank canvas.  During this first stage, the artist will primarily focus on the painting's composition including placement of elements.  The artist will use a pencil or charcoal sketching to shape the subjects onto the canvas.
  • Step 2: Apply Paint To Canvas
    After the sketch is completed, the artist will begin to apply paint on to the canvas.  Each painter has their own style and technique of reproducing, but the steps they use are all very similar.  The artist will paint the background and start with the elements that are of the most interest to him.  The artist meticulously continues on to the other areas including concentrating on some of the details.
  • Step 3: Focus On Color Tones And Texture
    At this stage, the artist starts to begin to focus on the color tones and texture.  The artist continues the other areas using the same technique including painting with thin transparent layers to achieve the desired color blends and richness.
  • Step 4: Focus On The Brilliance Of Color
    The painting starts to come together as the Artist continues with the other areas.  This is about where the artist will focus on achieving the wonderful brilliance of color like the Old Masters were also skilled at.
  • Step 5: Concentrate On The Detail
    The artist uses many different brushes when applying the brush strokes for the background and also when concentrating on the fine-tuning detail to assure that the finished painting will as closely as possible replicate the original masterpiece.
  • Step 6: Give Final Touches
    For the final stage, the painting is given the final touches and many of our artists apply a finishing coat which will preserve the paint from humidity.
  • Step 7: Drying Process:
    Once your painting is completed, the oil needs time to properly dry and then we will securely ship your painting insured directly to your address.
BestPriceArt.com - Our Paintings
BestPriceArt.com - Our Paintings